Meet the Team

The Team at Street 2 Surf Clothing absolutely love spending time with our customers, getting to know each of you individually and being able to dress you to help you ‘find your fabulous’. We will push you out of your comfort zone and always be honest! Our customers become our friends and we really appreciate the loyal support we get from our community. We are also very thankful for our online customers. Next time you are passing through please pop in and say hi!

Originating in 1972 as Don Bayliss Clothing,

over the last 48 years we have evolved and adapted to become a premier outlet. Rebranded in 2017 to Street 2 Surf Clothing, we have evolved to become a boutique destination in our little town of Te Puke. We cater for Men, Woman & Children of all ages.

Setting ourselves apart by creating a unique shopping experience, we focus on the fun and our experienced staff will make sure you find your fabulous. We pride ourselves in our wonderful community and support shopping local. We are definitely worth the drive so make sure to pop in and say hi next time you are passing.

Our Philosophy...

At Street 2 Surf Clothing, our philosophy is centered around two core principles: individuality and connection.
We believe in empowering individuals to express their unique style and personality while fostering a sense of community and connection.

1. Individuality: We celebrate diversity and recognize that every person has their own distinct style. We aim to provide a wide range of clothing options that allow individuals to express themselves authentically. We offer a variety of designs, colours and fits to cater to different tastes and preferences.

2. Connections, with a strong sense of community and connection among like minded individuals. Getting to know our customers on a personal basis, Maree will purchase with all our customers in mind. Knowing what individuals will like and trying to cater for all. We prioritize quality and sustainability, ensuring that our clothing not only looks good but also stand the test of time.

Overall we are dedicated to making sure all our customer's leave our shop feeling welcome, have had the best customer experience and walk out feeling fabulous.

'Live Dangerously to find your Fabulous'